It's Not Over...

About The Film.

It's Not Over tells the inspiring story of three courageous millennials from around the world who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Award winning filmmaker Andrew Jenks takes viewers on a journey across India, South Africa and the United States to experience the epidemic first hand. The result is a deeply personal and uplifting story that is rarely represented in popular culture.

Jenks takes viewers on a journey to South Africa, where together with Lucky, explores an area with more people living with HIV than anywhere

else in the world; to India, where Sarang, an openly gay HIV+ theater director fights to preserve his way of life; and to Middle America where Paige highlights how she has turned her bad experiences of being bullied and teased into something good as a youth advocate for HIV.


It's Not Over was made possible by the M·A·C AIDS Fund and will be available to view via Netflix, SnagFilms and Pivot where available.

Available On:

Airing on Pivot TV Nov 19 at 7:00pm EST/4pm PST and World Aids Day, Dec 1 at 7:00pm EST/4pm PST

The M·A·C AIDS Fund serves people of all ages, races and sexes affected by HIV and AIDS. We partner with bold visionaries who are confronting the epidemic in countries and communities where people are most neglected, off the radar, and at highest risk. The title of this film is 'It's Not Over', and we couldn't agree more.

MAF celebrates humanity, life, creativity, and individuality. Stories like those of Paige, Sarang, and Lucky remind us that all is not lost. We really can make a difference and we have the tools to end this epidemic. Help us fight HIV/AIDS by buying VIVA GLAM products. Every cent of the selling price of M·A·C VIVA GLAM lipstick and lipglass is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund.

Andrew Jenks

Andrew Jenks is an award-winning filmmaker who has lived and filmed all over the world. Often dubbed "the voice of his generation" Jenks' previous work includes Andrew Jenks, Room 335, The Zen of Bobby V, MTV's World of Jenks and most recently Posterized: The Story of Shawn Bradley.

His productions have aired on HBO and's Grantland platform, and his MTV World of Jenks series garnered over 5 million viewers, marking MTV’s highest rated series launch ever. Jenks was also the face for MTV News' coverage for the 2012 Presidential Election, traveling the country speaking with Millennials and asking questions of Presidential candidates.

Jenks has received praise from The New York Times for his ability to 'take his camera into a world that is usually invisible and shine a light on a population that many of us would just as soon forget.'

In filming It's Not Over, Jenks hopes to inspire his generation to care about a disease that affects more than 34 million people around the world, many of whom lack access to care or don't know they are infected.


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